You can find our fash-unexpected origin story here.

Stemwear is not a compression garment. It is a fun cover-up to a compression garment or a one-legged legging made for lounging, exercising, and dressing in style.

If you happen to wear a compression garment, Stemwear gives your wardrobe options (and longevity!) since oftentimes custom compression garments need to be replaced every 3-4 months. (Did we mention protection of your medical investment... because that's kind of a big deal.)

We always try to fulfill shipments as quickly as possible. Your Stemwear is a custom-made product that reflects your style, size, and design choice, so please plan for approximately 3 weeks between ordering and delivery.

Should you be looking to wear your Stems for a particular occasion and need to expedite your delivery, please select an expedited delivery option during shipping and let us know (we love a good photo op!).

Due to the very custom nature of your Stemwear purchase, we are not able to accept returns or exchanges.

Your Stemwear is made for you according to your style, size, and design selected. If you have questions related to your purchase prior to ordering (i.e. size, color, etc.) please don't hesitate to reach out.

If there is a product defect, please fill out the contact form (within 14 days of receipt!) and be ready to send us pictures of the defect so that we can help to troubleshoot.

Here, enthusiasm has no limit! However, if you’re looking to outfit your team, squad, or company, we’d love to work with you to find the most effective design and best price. Message us so we can help.

*So* much yes! If you wear bandages or additional accouterments under Stemwear we recommend sizing up (a size or two) to accommodate the extra volume. You’re our original inspiration and we’re so, so thrilled you’re here.

You can do anything! However, Stemwear is patented in the US: D822345. If you’re interested in using the patent, please reach out to us here.

If you have a particular color, look, or more in mind. Share your thoughts!

And if you're a designer looking to get your design onto Stemwear - hooray! Get in touch with us here and we’ll get the process started.

We vet new designers every month and we’re deeply committed to folks who are interested in boldly making their mark.

The most direct way to get in touch with the team behind Stemwear is by filling out our contact form. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible – typically within 24 hours.

You can wear Stems wherever you go. (And we’d love to see them there!) Tag us @wearstemwear on Instagram so we can follow along.

We’ve designed our pieces to pair well with your wardrobe – from sweatshirts to stilettos. If you’re unsure, we recommend starting with staples like a black dress, solid color shorts, a denim skirt, or favorite sweater. For further inspiration, email us.

Stay tuned! If you’ve got specific requests, shoot us a note. And follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on what we have planned.